Note from Cheryl J. ~ Meredith College

Cheryl Jenkins

“Dear Lorenzo:

 Thank you for providing DJ services to numerous Meredith College events for many years. You have provided outstanding services for so many events: Guardian Angel (Father-Daughter) Dance, the After Cornhuskin’ Party, the Powderpuff Football Game Party, and the Class Day Picnic (and numerous other events). Your dedication to our college is greatly appreciated.”

Cheryl Jenkins, Director of Students Leadership & Service
Meredith College

Summer is Here! Let the Fun begin.

It’s summertime and it’s time for fun, games and a lot of good times!  In the midst of it all is music.  Good music.  No, great music.  If your event is a themed event, you should call us at LK Productions DJ Services to help you with the planning and hosting.

We have helped in the past by providing games such as Corn Hole, Hula Hoop, and the Limbo Stick for pool parties at apartment complexes or nonprofit donor gatherings.  We’ve also hosted a good Bingo game or two at family reunions and other social gatherings for the older and younger crowds alike.  If you are having a more elegant event like an outside dinner party or social, we can help with that too.  We can suggest venues along with an excellent selection and variety of music that will fit your every need.

It really doesn’t matter about the crowd size either.  We’ve hosted events for a cozy gathering of 6-8 people that just wanted to have a great time at home or for crowd sizes up to hundreds.  It’s totally up to you!  Contact us today and let’s discuss how to plan your next great event.


Music: What’s the Difference in Prelude and A Processional

“What is the difference in Prelude and Processional?” One of my clients brought up this interesting question about music that I thought others might be wondering as well.  I found a great article from Collage Music that answers the question very well.   Please see the link below!   In planning your upcoming events that require music, please consider LK Productions DJ as your go-to company.  We have the experience and expertise to help you create that memorable occasion that everyone will enjoy! Link:  Prelude, Processional and more…

2018 Weddings!

Wow! This is an exciting time! There are less than 30 days before wedding season kicks into full swing on April 1st!   At LK Productions DJ Entertainment, we are always excited to work with wedding couples. It means a lot to us when we are chosen to be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives.

And, we take pride and invest many hours preparing for that great event. From the first point of contact, to the last day of planning, we make sure to do our best in getting the music for  the event right for you.

If you need additional services, we also have a great rapport with many local venues.  We can assist by offering recommendations to couples looking to reserve their venue. In addition to our online planner and music list, we have added an eBook on our website, The eBook download is  FREE! …and is called  “Stress-Free Wedding Guide!”  Visit and get yours today!



  • Check out March 10-11, 2018 Bridal Show
  • LK Productions is looking for future super star DJs! Our training is second to none. If you love people and love music, please inquire about our new DJ training system.

Thankful for a Great Transition into A New Year!

LK Productions ended 2017 with a bang, awesome parties and awesome reviews. We started 2018 with the same momentum great parties and many happy customers. We love our customer service and we love our customers. The following is just a few testimonials obtained already for 2018. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

“Excellent, efficient and reliable service. LK productions serviced our corporate holiday party. From the ease and efficiency of scheduling to the flexibility of extending our night without reservation, Lorenzo was great all around. Music selection was “spot on”, accommodating both the atmosphere and the variability in the crowd. Feedback from attendees was excellent and all had a great night. I highly recommend this company. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Lorenzo for a great night.”

“Lorenzo and his staff – came through at the last minute and we party HARD!! Thanks so so much – Your services was truly amazing.”

“My husband and I were married on September 16, 2017 at Sugar Creek Brewery.  It was the perfect day and it wouldn’t have been possible without Lorenzo from LK Productions! The online portal for all of our music was perfect.  Anytime I thought of a song I would just go online and add a song that I wanted or a song that I absolutely didn’t want played.  Even if the guests requested a song that was on the do not play list, he would politely tell them that the bride and groom did not want that played.  My guests were dancing for the entirety of the wedding and they all said how great the music was and what a great time they had!  I would definitely recommend him for any event!!  He’s fantastic!”

“My wife and I hired Lorenzo for our wedding on October,14th this year. We were extremely satisfied with his services. We had talked a few times before the wedding to get a feel of what kind of music we wanted and played all the music we had asked for and even more. He gladly accepted requests without blinking and eye. He even dressed for the part in a long tail tuxedo. We highly recommend his services and will use him again without question. He is definitely a 5 star act. Thanks Lorenzo,” –Jeff and Alice

“I decided to host a last minute New Year’s Eve celebration in my home. It was short notice and Lorenzo came through! He contacted me immediately and starting working on my request within a few days. He is very professional, reliable, responsible, and willing to go the extra mile for his clients. I requested a special song for my friend’s and they were very touched by his presentation. Also, he has great song choices on his playlist! I highly recommend Lorenzo’s services for your next event!”

“My husband and I got married on the 2nd of September. Lorenzo came to view the venue prior to the event and also arrived early with such a genuine happy to be there smile, eager to get everything set up and going. Before picking Lk Productions we had spoken to others but as soon as we heard the outgoing personality and quality of work we knew we had to choose them. Between several conversations and follow up leading to the day and then the event and follow up after, we are highly pleased. I actually happened to get sick on the wedding day however, Lorenzo was very accommodating with the plan changes and flow of the wedding. You can imagine the scheduled events to quite the turn but he kept a smile and helped us maneuver through. Could not have been more pleased with the choice we made to have them for our big day. Highest praise and recommendation. It was such a blessing to find such a good DJ.”

Yes, we are truly thankful.  And, we look forward to serving you throughout this year, and many years to come!