Dynamic DJ’s – Masterful Mixes – Extraordinary Events: MTV’s Floribama Event

This is what we do!  Recently we had an opportunity to work with MTV’s new show Floribama. We realized that there were hundreds of Disc Jockey companies that could have been chosen,  but I am grateful that we were the ones!  And I am also very grateful to my team for all of the hard work and commitment given to make our part of the event successful.  In this post, we have pics and videos that we hope you’ll find interesting (and also hope that you’ll consider us when planning your next event).

It was exciting working with members and cast of the show and wish them much success!  The event was quite an experience!  In preparation, our team had two solid days of nonstop rehearsals. We practiced everything from cues to playlists.  It was hard work, but at the end of the day, we felt very prepared.  We left Charlotte at 4:30 am November 11. We were able to start our 7 am set up time at 6:30 am.  It was 38 degrees! … a little chilly at 6:30 am but we weathered that storm.

The Tailgaters started to arrive immediately and DJ-JT was already rocking the party. Many the Gamecock fans stopped by and took pictures with the cast of MTV’s new show Floribama Shore. Free food was served all day and door prizes were given away.

The cast danced most of the day and signed autographs. A reporter from ET (Entertainment Tonight), as well as many Florida Gators fans, and the cheerleaders from the Gamecocks football team stopped by. We had an awesome time with everyone and they really enjoy the music.  We even took a few minutes to talk with a representative from ET (Entertainment Tonight) who was there to cover the event.  All in all, it was a great event and a very memorable experience.