How Much Sound Do You Need for Your Event or Your Wedding?

Today, people are getting more and more creative with planning their event or wedding day.  Videos, pictures, and music all play a big part.  Your guests are there, everyone one is happy, and you want to make sure they have a good time.

The pictures and videos normally come out great, and can sometimes take care of themselves.  Between family, friends and maybe a professional photographer or two, you’ll get great shots—guaranteed.  Music is a whole different thing.  Although you may not realize it, music plays an important role–a very important role.

For instance, could you imagine going to a fair, carnival or even a block-style party where the only music they had was coming out of a boombox or a small, portable bluetooth speaker?  It would be cool being in the same place with all of your friends and people, but something would be missing –the atmosphere.

Each wedding and event have their own unique atmosphere that a good DJ, with a great sound system and music, can help create.  Setting up speakers and microphones in the right places and playing great music will help create that atmosphere.  And a great DJ knows how to do just that.

There seems to be a trend of having weddings at places other than churches.  Many times, they also have their reception in the same location but, in a different area.   Discussing information over about the placement of equipment will guarantee that ceremonial events will have great sound and music and everything will be heard and enjoyed by all.  How much sound do you really need? –Is the question.  Sometimes one sound system with a couple of microphones is enough, but at other times, a secondary system may be needed to address your concerns.

At LK Productions DJ, our goal is to provide our clients with the best in quality sound.  We’ve been doing so for over 20 years!  If you have an upcoming wedding or event or know someone who needs a quality DJ for their event, please give us a call or tell them about our services. We have consultation support and may be able to help with other aspects of the function!