I Need a DJ

“I need a DJ”… These are the words so many people speak, often at the last minute when they think about the awesome event they’ve been mulling over in the back of their minds. But, there’s good news! The last moment is not too late when you are working with us, at LK Productions DJ Services. From helping you with your music selections to helping find the right venue, you’ll be in good hands.

Events sometimes frustrate the very people who need and want to have them; thus causing them to be hesitant about the whole idea. Actually, there is no need to be. Most events usually involve a few basic steps– choosing your entertainment; choosing your venue; choosing your menu; and inviting guests.

We can help with three out of the four, and I’ve heard that “three out of four ain’t bad”. As far as the entertainment goes, music is always a good choice because you can add on or adjust as needed. But, in case you wanted something additional, we work with several professionals in the area and can assist with additional artists or services. The same holds true for venues and food. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and can assist with helping set up the perfect event. Contact us and let’s discuss your next event!