Karen Henthorn: Carolina Premium Outlets

Karen Henthorn~

“…Lorenzo King is a genius behind a sound board and creates a fun environment! Many shoppers and merchants commented, both during and after our “Fashion + Fun for Moms” event, exclaiming how much they enjoyed the overall atmosphere that Lorenzo created. The music was varied and fun, and most importantly, the sound was perfect! It wasn’t too high, it was too low; everything could be heard clearly. His announcements were classy, yet catered to our audience. He was so friendly and charismatic and really made sure to connect to what our event required.

He was prompt and quick during set-up and breakdown, and was there throughout the event to ensure that we were happy. Plus, we really felt like we got more than my money’s worth! Just a brilliant and talented man!”

Karen Henthorn
Director of Marketing and Business Development Carolina Premium Outlets